Better On Her Own
Monday,Apr 03, 2017
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Rising Pop Artist

Our next artist is from a small village in England. She said that music runs in her family and her mum is her greatest influence. It was once said, “Musical ability is not an inborn talent, but an ability which can be developed. Any child who is properly trained can develop musical ability, just as all children develop the ability to speak their mother tongue”. Kellimarie’s took the stage when she was 3 years old singing “Over the Rainbow” in front of a family crowd for her Nan’s birthday.

Working her way up to master her craft, she said it’s never been easy. There are so many talented people around the world and only a few make it big! She however is enjoying the ride! She always makes time to practice not because she had to but because she loves what she does. She said, “Maybe music is not for everyone but it is for me”.

Here are some of Kellimarie’s musical career highlights thus far. She stars on a TV Show called “Got What It Takes” where she was one of the 8 musically talented kids who competed for a slot to be on BBC radio. She was also one of the 24 grand finalists who came out of 9,000 kids to join the “Open Mic UK”

It was the year 2015 when she picked up her guitar and start writing songs. Here are Kelliemarie’s original songs and the storyline behind each:

“I Got You” This song was written about my mum, she has always been there for me and I just wanted to tell her it’s my time to be there for her now.

“Under the Same Stars” I wrote this song about a TV Show I had just finished filming. I got to meet some fantastic people that live so far away, which makes it difficult to meet up.   At any rate, I thought to myself, no matter how far away we live, I know that it’s not so far because we all live under the same stars.

Please support Kellimarie and her music by pre-ordering her Ep “Under the Same Stars” it has 4 great songs on it all written by this great talent which include: “Better on My Own”, “You Without Me”, “You’re Not Mine”, “Under the Same Stars”.

Kellimarie would like to impart a message to aspiring artists that no matter how much people push you down, keep rising above it and try your hardest to achieve your dream.  Have no regrets! To my fans I would like to thank you all for being so supportive because the support literally means so much.

Album: Under The Same Stars
Label: Big Help Music
Tracks: 4

"Sometimes I feel like giving in, but that would be quitting before we begin." If any sentence encompasses just how hard it can be to achieve any personal target it is these words. For these words to spill out of the mouth of a fourteen year old trying to make it in the music industry makes it doubly telling. The quote is a line from "Under The Same Stars" the title track of a debut EP written and performed by Kellimarie Willis who is currently taking part in the second series of "Got what it takes?" being aired on CBBC. The subject matter is the other contestants on the show. As the show progressed, the kids formed friendships which will last a lifetime. This inspired Kellimarie to write about her experiences and recalls the moments of doubt that occurred during the production of the show and how each of them encouraged and supported the others at moments of a potential crisis of confidence. Thus friendships came about. "Under the same stars" is the most thoughtful and contemplative track on the EP and the tempo reflects that. "You gave me someone to call a good friend. Remember I love you no matter where you are" becomes an indication just how well the kids bonded. Kellimarie accompanies herself on this track with acoustic guitar.

With a talented band behind her for the remainder of the tracks she gets a bit more up tempo. "You Without Me" illustrates the hole that can appear if a friend disappears. "I'm missing something now you're not around." This song contains a number of similes, Lock without a key, fish without some water, boat without a sail, even mattress without a pillow. They go on and on each time you listen to the track you spot another one. I was very impressed with this track for the lyrical tricks she uses and whilst it is essentially a sad song, it is surprisingly danceable.

"You're not mine" has a similar dichotomy, a driving beat but story of loss, it also contains a large number of lyric similes. The fourteen year old has written around thirty songs and has been playing the guitar since she was eight. The maturity of this girl's lyrics completely belie her age. On this track she sings both lead and backing. I saw her performing this track live and the backing part was taken by one of the members of her band, but listening to the recorded track it demonstrates what a superb voice she has.

A defiant "Better On My Own" completes the quartet of songs, all self penned, essentially, you've gone and I'm better without you. the lines "You're just a heart breaker, you're just a risk taker, you deserve what you get." Masks the sadness of the breakup with bravado. The only incongruous note is the sudden ending of this track it just sort of stops, where all the other tracks have what might be termed "proper" endings. However, listen to this EP and wonder at the development of a talent so young and yet mature. If you are searching for her watch the spelling there is no "e" in the middle of her name.

During the course of writing this review, I have played this EP over and over and I have to say I didn't tire of listening once, indeed I have got to love it. The next milestone for Kellimarie is to win a place on the main stage at BBC 1's Big Music Weekend in Hull at the end of May, She has to win "Got what it takes?" for that to happen. By the time you read this, we will know if she has succeeded.



This incredible girl

The opener was Kellimarie Willis who I reviewed only last week. This incredible girl so impressed the other performers on the bill. Even in the space of a week I noticed the difference in her confidence. Her musical ability I almost take for granted now and it is easy to forget what a shock it is to see and hear her for the first time. This thirteen year old happily chats to the audience in a quite unaffected way and she is not afraid to change things on the night. I noticed that more than one of her songs, (which are mostly self penned) were subtly different from other nights that I have seen her. She obviously takes notes well, her enunciation was much improved and the ending of her songs were somehow more melodic. Her voice is getting stronger as she matures and her lyrics belie her youth. Her final song (about her Mum) illustrates her cognizance of things that many her age would not, the line "when I see the tears in your eyes" is not a sentiment that I recognise in the usual characterisation of a teenage girl. I shall continue to take note of Kellimarie's development which is due in no short measure to the coaching she receives from Big Help Music Academy, more news of which is coming in a special feature in Hot Music Live Magazine in the next few weeks.